July 2021 Right to Education commentary: Analyzing the effects of the pandemic on R2E for children in Ontario

July 20, 2021

This winter, the CCRC was pleased to have Joie Chow, a third year law student at the University of Toronto, join us to write a paper on right to education and the pandemic. Joie states that the changes in learning methods caused by COVID-19 have had a detrimental effect on the right to education for […]

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CCRC Commentary on the Right to Education

April 28, 2021

Education is not a one-size fits all. It was not pre-pandemic and will not be post-pandemic. Children have diverse needs and abilities that vary based on their individual contexts. Unfortunately, their diverse abilities and needs have not been fully considered nor have their voices been heard since the beginning of the pandemic. Check out the […]

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CCRC Response to Toronto/Peel School Closures

April 6, 2021

School closures may be necessary but we need a consistent action plan

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Right to Education During COVID-19: Open Letter calls for school re-openings

February 3, 2021

An open letter signed by more than 100 Canadian doctors, including some of the country’s top pediatric experts, is calling on provincial governments across the country to reopen schools and to keep them open. The letter is being sent to all premiers and ministers of education and health.   See

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Not enough in-person school hours for Vancouver School Board secondary students: A violation of the right to education

January 20, 2021

Read our new piece by Mary Kestler, Jen Grant, Laavanya Srichandramohan and Kate Butler about education as a right. As of September 2020, elementary students of The Vancouver School Board (VSB) have been in full-time instruction alongside neighbouring school districts in BC. However within this same timeframe, VSB secondary students have been largely forgotten – […]

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The Right to Know Rights, Curriculum Reform, and Parental Rights in Education

December 17, 2018

Children’s right to learn about their rights was identified as a top priority during the recent Raise the Bar for Children’s Rights conference, hosted by the CCRC.  The benefits of teaching children and parents about children’s rights are evident in research and practice.  Fulfilling the Convention in Canada requires scaling up existing good practices so […]

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Education and Children’s Rights in Canada

October 16, 2017

How well are children’s rights in education fulfilled across Canada?  In a discussion paper, the CCRC reviews the recommendations Canada received during its last review of children’s rights, notes some indicators of progress, and suggests what we hope to see in the next report, which will be submitted in July 2018. In particular, Canada was […]

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