March 2021 Update on 5th/6th UN Review

March 19, 2021

Check out this powerpoint for a brief update on what the CCRC continues to advocate for in the 5th/6th Review.

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Fact Sheet: Children’s Right to Privacy (March 2021)

March 16, 2021

Children’s Privacy in the Networked EnvironmentBy Professor Jane Bailey and Dr Valerie Steeves(with research assistance from Vanessa Ford) Almost every aspect of a child’s life – school, communications, entertainment, etc. – is now in some way connected to or affected by our digitally networked environment. Given this, it is not surprising that children and young […]

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Petition Launched to Free Canada From Violence

March 9, 2021

Check out this petition:

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Children Write: Children’s Writing Competition Submission Form & Poster

March 4, 2021

Children Write: Children’s Rights Writing Competition The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) is a network of Canadian organizations and individuals who promote respect for the rights of children. Its purpose is to: exchange information; provide public education materials about the Convention on the Rights of the Child; monitor implementation of the Convention […]

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Webinar on our Anti-Discrimination Children’s Rights Writing Competition

February 16, 2021

Join us on March 31 at noon EST for a webinar launching our Children Write! competition. We will be joined by Hala Mreiwed, Gulzar R. Charania, Christine Bogert & Ben Peebles. Entries can be submitted in French or English. Click here to sign up: Check out

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Right to Education During COVID-19: Open Letter calls for school re-openings

February 3, 2021

An open letter signed by more than 100 Canadian doctors, including some of the country’s top pediatric experts, is calling on provincial governments across the country to reopen schools and to keep them open. The letter is being sent to all premiers and ministers of education and health.   See

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More than the January Blues: Why More Mental Health Supports are Needed for Children & Youth

January 25, 2021

Author: Cathy Xie (University of Toronto undergraduate student & CCRC volunteer) In Canada, January can be a hard month: the weather is chilly, and winter looms ahead. This January is particularly challenging for many Canadians, as the lockdown due to COVID-19 continues. Many young people undoubtedly have a case of the January blues at this […]

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