Federal Election 2021: Childcare

On September 14, Child Care Now has called for a Child Care Summit. Check it out: https://timeforchildcare.ca/ Also, see why we are calling on all parties to consider children as rights-holders when they are making decisions on child care.

Federal election 2021: Child care & early learning as a rights issue

For far too long, child care has been seen as a private issue for families, rather than a public one in which government leadership is needed. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed this to the extent that employers and public policy makers are taking note of the importance of high quality accessible child care for women’s …

#Vote16 Canada

Check out why the CCRC is proud to support Senator McPhedron’s bill, S209 on lowering the voting age. This website gives a good overview of the issues and what the bill proposes: #Vote16 Canada. Consider joining the movement to lower the voting age, and allow 16 year olds to vote.

Preventing Homelessness and Children’s Rights

Canada can do more to prevent youth homelessness, according to research with youth on the street.  Waiting until young people are in crisis is costly in human impact and finances.  Addressing the issues that contribute to youth homelessness coincides with implementing the rights of children.  This is another area where paying attention to children’s rights …

Healthy Conditions for Growing Up in Canada

The right to health in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 24, is helpful in Canada because it highlights the importance of the social determinants of health for children.  Canada’s report for the 5th/6th review of children’s rights recognizes vulnerable groups of children but pays too little attention to the conditions in …