Confronting Stigma: Children’s right to be free from substance-use stigma and its harm

Check out the amazing work done by CCRC member, Starlings, on substance-use stigma. Starlings notes: “Stigma harms youth whose parents have a substance use disorder, that when we increase supports to families we will decrease risk for mental illness, substance use disorder, and suicide, and by exposing the systemic barriers that harms families, and address …

Supporting children during times of uncertainty: resources for adults and kids

We know this is a time of uncertainty in the world. Educators, parents, and other supporting adults want to help children to understand and process what is happening. Here are two separate resource sheets, one for kids, and one for adults, that provides some ways to think about how to support children during this time.

CCRC Submission to the Senate on Bill C6: An Act to amend the criminal code (Conversion Therapy)

The CCRC wrote a submission to the Senate as it deliberates on Bill C6: An act to amend the criminal code. This is an important bill as it prohibits conversion therapy, which is extremely damaging to young people, and violates their human rights.

More than the January Blues: Why More Mental Health Supports are Needed for Children & Youth

Author: Cathy Xie (University of Toronto undergraduate student & CCRC volunteer) In Canada, January can be a hard month: the weather is chilly, and winter looms ahead. This January is particularly challenging for many Canadians, as the lockdown due to COVID-19 continues. Many young people undoubtedly have a case of the January blues at this …