CCRC webinars with La Fondation Dr. Julien on child wellbeing

Join us for two new CCRC webinars this fall with La Fondation Dr. Julien. Sign up details below!

A New Paradigm to Caring for the Most Vulnerable Children: October 13 at 12pm-1pm ET, led by Dr. Gilles Julien. Sign up here.

The Canadian Community Social Pediatrics Model is an innovative transdisciplinary health model
developed by pediatrician Gilles Julien to better care for impoverished children and families. It gives
every child full access to coherent and comprehensive services within the community, creating a
powerful protective circle for and with each of them. It aims to ensure the development of the child’s
full potential. This webinar raises awareness of this transdisciplinary approach that integrates into
medicine, social work and children’s rights. It will help participants advance their own practice to ensure
free access to coherent services and care by applying the powerful clinical method APCA, by engaging all
significant networks (family, community, institutional) around the most vulnerable children, and by
guiding them to identify and eradicate various sources of toxic stress (social determinants) that affect
children’s chances to develop their full potential as human beings.

Integrated Law Practice: A child-rights-based approach to health: Nov. 3 at 12pm-1pm ET, led by Hélène Sioui Trudel . Sign up here!

Despite the declaration of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), far too many impoverished
children are denied their right to global health. This webinar aims to change this sad reality, by
providing participants with basic knowledge on a unique child-rights-based approach to health called
Integrated Law (IL), developed by Helene (Sioui) Trudel, IL lawyer. Three main characteristics of this new
law practice will be presented: 1) reading the CRC as a whole; 2) informed participation of the child; and
3) the IL lawyer as part of the transdisciplinary team. This webinar will conclude with examples of fresh
social development initiatives put forward by IL lawyers to bring about social justice, equity and the
inherent human dignity of the child. The webinar will be followed by a Q & A for 10-15 minutes.


Hélène Sioui Trudel is a Montreal lawyer, certified mediator, and founder of an
innovative children’s-rights-based approach to child health. Building on Dr. Gilles
Julien’s Community Social Pediatrics model that addresses children’s health and
development, Hélène goes further by integrating the practice of law and the respect of
children’s rights enunciated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The daughter of a Huron-Wendat mother, Hélène is constantly inspired by Aboriginal
ways, culture, and values. She firmly believes that failure to satisfy children’s
fundamental needs equates to a violation of their rights. In a world where adults often
fail children, Hélène is deeply committed to empowering children to advocate for
themselves. She has developed several powerful tools that facilitate the informed
participation of children in all decision-making processes that concern them, ensuring
they have the agency in their own lives based on the respect for all their rights and
responsibilities. It includes the Integrated Law Practice, the Protective Circle of the
Child, the Garage à musique based on neuroscience, and the legal education program
Children Linked to Adults Network (CLAN).
Hélène’s work has consistently promoted and spearheaded innovative approaches to
help build a just and equitable society. She has received many honours, including the
inaugural Janusz Korczak Statuette Award for Children’s Rights and Quebec’s Prix de
la Justice.

Dr GILLES JULIEN is a social pediatrician who founded the subspecialty of Community
Social Pediatrics because socioeconomic adversity often lies at the root of children’s
health problems. Dr Julien fundamentally redesigned the profession of pediatrics,
transforming the way healthcare is provided to the neediest children. His model
connects traditional population health approaches (social determinants of health) to
traditional primary care.
Dr Julien is renowned for a pediatric humanitarian approach that creates a safe circle
around patients. Characterized by inclusiveness, this approach mobilizes different
sectors (health, education, social services, youth protection) to sustain children in need.
What started as the small project of one pediatrician to better serve underserved
children has become an innovative, global movement for developing services to address
children’s needs, with the active participation of families and communities. There are
now several autonomous community social pediatrics centres in Quebec, including in
aboriginal communities.
His expertise and great contribution to society have been acknowledged on numerous
occasions, both nationally and internationally. He became the first Ashoka Fellow in
Québec, the prestigious community of social entrepreneurs. He has written numerous
books and articles.

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