Children’s Rights in Canada – Report in Sections

You can download sections of the CCRC’s comprehensive report on Children’s Rights in Canada to help in your own work (English and French versions)

Full reportCCRC-report-on-rights-of-children-in-CanadaCCRC Mise en oeuvre de la Convention relative aux droits de l’enfant.

Introduction:  Why children’s rights are important for Canada:IntroductionIntroduction (fr)

Implementing All Children’s Rights in Canada:  Report on General Measures to implement and monitor all rights.Implementing All Children’s Rights in Canada;  Réaliser les droits de tous les enfants au Canada

Protecting Children from Violence, Poverty, and Exploitation: Report on the right to be free from violence, poverty, exploitation in the workplace, and sexual exploitation.Protecting ChildrenProtection de l’enfant

Enabling Children’s Full Development:  Report on children’s rights in health, education, access to information, youth justice system, early childhood care and development, play, and family, identity, and culture Enabling Children’s Full DevelopmentAssurer le plein développement des enfants

Paying Attention to Vulnerable Children:  Report on the rights of Indigenous Children, Children-in-care, Immigrant and Refugee children, Children with Disabilities, and Young Soldiers. Paying Attention to Vulnerable Children;  Accorder une attention particulière aux enfants vulnérables

Children in International Development: Report on Canada’s international development policies for children.Children’s Rights and International DevelopmentChildren’s Rights and International Development