Review 2018-2020


Review of Children’s Rights in Canada

The official report, due in July, is now several months late.   This will be Canada’s 5th/6th report on how the rights of children are implemented in Canada.  Many recommendations from the last review in 2012 have not been addressed.

The CCRC is monitoring progress and proposing further action to implement previous recommendations.  At the same time CCRC members and supporters are gathering information to present during the next review.

Check out a summary of plans for the review to see how you can be part of it. 

If you have information and analysis that relates to children’s rights in Canada, the CCRC is interested in hearing from you.  To share information you have, or get further information about  CCRC plans for the 2018 Review, send a message to

Raising the Bar for Canada’s Report

In anticipation of Canada’s official report, the CCRC sets out expectations for five central components to make progress in Canada.

Informing Children about their Rights

Discussion Paper on the recommendations Canada received in 2012, indicators of progress, and what we hope to see in the next report. The CCRC invites discussion and feedback on this area of children’s rights, as part of preparing for the next review.

Summary of Progress

Check this overview of progress on the recommendations from the 2012 review, as of November, 2017.

Progress in Workplace Rights for Young People

The CCRC has done a Fact sheet and a  Working Paper  on progress in this issue.  It  provides an example of how the CCRC plans to pursue other issues.

2012 Report: Recommendations and Related Research Reports

Check what the CCRC said in 2012, what Canada’s official report said, and what recommendations Canada received on our Monitoring Page.