Over 40 Child Initiatives in Cabinet Mandates

Children’s Rights, Cabinet Mandates, and CCRC plans

The CCRC reviewed the mandate letters of new federal cabinet ministers and identified more than 40 initiatives that would contribute to the fulfillment of children’s rights.  These include very specific measures and systemic changes across a wide range of departments.  Many are positive responses to the 10 Steps that the CCRC promoted to respond to the recommendations received from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child during Canada’s last review.

The CCRC has sent letters of encouragement to individual cabinet ministers, offering support to implement the specific items in their mandate that will benefit children.  We are also reminding them about children’s rights as part of their duties. We will follow up on these letters in the coming months.  We are also alerting duty-bearers to the upcoming review in 2018, with a hope that we can report significant progress in our next review.

Watch for more specific posts on specific initiatives as we pursue them.

If you have information or want to help in the CCRC’s monitoring project, please contact Kathy Vandergrift, Coordinator.

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