Mettre fin aux châtiments corporels au Canada

The evidence is clear and compelling — physical punishment of children and youth plays no useful role in their upbringing and poses only risks to their development. The conclusion is equally compelling — parents should be strongly encouraged to develop alternative and positive approaches to discipline.

The CCRC invites you to explore how we are working together with allies to end corporal punishment in Canada:

  • Here is the Alternate Report on Repealing Section 43, submitted by Marvin M. Bernstein, B.A., J.D., LL.M.(ADR), Barrister & Solicitor (Former Children’s Advocate, Province of Saskatchewan), Peter Dudding, MM, MSW, RSW, Joan E. Durrant, PhD, Professor, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba; Executive Director, Positive Discipline in Everyday Life, and Ron Ensom, MSW, RSW; Ensom & Associates; Children’s Hospital of
    Eastern Ontario; co-author, Joint Statement on Physical Punishment of Children and Youth.
  • View our letter to Minister Monsef on why corporal punishment should be considered in the drafting of the National Action Plan on Gender-based Violence.

Join us in working together to end corporal punishment in Canada!

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