Children’s Rights under Review

Preparing an Alternative Report for the Review of Canada

Below you can read reasons for preparing a report and find more background information.

Find a short Introduction that gives you essential information here.

Copy of slides from a webinar on the review process with Child Rights Connect here.

Deadline for alternative reports is March 1, 2020.   For further information or assistance to relate your issue to the review process, send enquiry to

Canada is under Review for Implementation of Children’s Rights

The government’s official 5th-6th report on implementation of children’s rights in Canada was filed at the end of February 2019, more than six months late.  The report provides information on some actions taken in response to the 2012 recommendations from the last review, but there are many gaps in both analysis and action.  Canada’s response to recommendations from the last review is incomplete and inadequate.

The official government report does not serve children well.   It is now important that civil society groups and citizens actively engage in the review process.   The CCRC will use the review process to work for changes that will improve the real-life situation of children in Canada.

Find the government report and CCRC initial response here.

Be Part of the Review Process

We can do better in Canada.  You can be part of the CCRC’s plan to use the review process for its intended purpose: to take stock and improve the situation for children in our country. Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada would benefit all children across the country.   Implementation remains weak and the official report is lame.  Children in comparable countries where the Convention is implemented fare better than children in Canada.   Children will benefit if we do better.

The CCRC will foster a more robust review in Canada by sharing information and analysis that is missing or misrepresented in the government’s official report. This website is a place for organizations and individuals  to share knowledge and explore the links between different areas of children’s rights.  It will also be a resource for all those who decide to make submissions for the official review by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.  For updates on the process, see Next Steps section on this page.

Fact Sheets on Important Issues in Canada

A series of easy-to-read fact sheets focus on important themes and issues for the review.  These are designed for discussion and distribution to build public support.

Each is linked to a working paper prepared by persons with expertise and experience in the specific areas of children’s rights.  Analysis and research documents will be shared under the four areas of the review listed below.

If you have relevant information to contribute,  please contact us at

What are the issues in this review?

Find rights-based analysis and share your work under the following theme pages:

What can you do?   Use the review to advance your goals in the next year:

  • Share evidence you have about the situation of children in Canada. The CCRC will help you relate your evidence to the review of how Canada implements children’s rights.
  • Share CCRC Fact Sheets through your network to increase public awareness of children’s rights and what could be done to implement them in Canada.
  • Consider making a report or being part of the CCRC report; learn more about the process.