Webinar on Ending Violence Against Children: Learning from the INSPIRE framework & Sweden

Check out the CCRC webinar on the INSPIRE framework with Dr. Debra Pepler and Commissioner Elisabeth Ohlin.

The CCRC was thrilled to host a webinar featuring Dr. Debra Pepler, Professor of Psychology, York University, and Commissioner Elisabeth Dahlin from Sweden as they discussed ending childhood violence, with a focus on the INSPIRE framework.

In this conversation, Dr. Pepler and Commissioner Dahlin drew on good practices that Canada can learn from, and discuss ways that we can strengthen policies to end violence against children.

Bios of speakers:

Dr. Debra Pepler(Psychology, York University) is a distinguished researcher and her research has changed the way we think about bullying, aggression and other forms of violence, especially among marginalized and alienated young people. She speaks widely to professional and community audiences about children at risk. Dr. Pepler has a strong publication record and has edited four volumes in the past four years on understanding and addressing children’s aggression, bullying, and victimization.

Elisabeth Dahlin is the Ombudsman for Children in Sweden since Sept 2018. Previously she served as Secretary General of Save the Children Sweden from Sept 2008 to Sept 2018, a role she assumed from a position as Ambassador in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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