CCRC Book Corner

Welcome to the CCRC Book Corner: an enclave featuring books that promote children’s rights.

Children in Canada, particularly those from structurally vulnerable communities, continue to face uphill battles in realizing their rights. From the spring 2021 attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario to the recent (re)discovery of the mass graves of Indigenous children across the country to drinking water advisories on First Nation reserves, children have been exposed and left to grapple with past and current rights violations. To promote and uphold anti-racist values for children, educators, and families, the CCRC is compiling a reading list of children’s books that feature children from different backgrounds sharing stories of how they defend their rights.

For the 2021/2022 reading series, the CCRC will be recommending books on anti-racism. Each book will be accompanied by a brief explanation of how the story reflects the principles and values of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly Article 2, the right to non-discrimination. We hope that this series of children’s books will not only build a culture of awareness of children’s rights but will also teach children to become active moral agents, who fight for the rights of all children who face racial discrimination.