Today’s Session Poses Important Questions for Canada

Canada restated its commitment to promote and protect children’s rights.  Questions from members of the UN Committeee on the Rights of the Child, however, highlighted that Canada will need to make changes to put that into practice.  How, asked the committee, can Canada make sure that actions by all levels of government work together in the best interests of children?  Tomorrow we will hear how the Canadian delegation thinks we can make our system of federal, provincial, and territorial governments work for children.

Questions about fair and equitable treatment for all children will need answers tomorrow.  The session today demonstrated how children’s rights shines a spotlight on results for children from government actions and pays attention to children who face obstacles to develop their full potential.  It also puts a focus on how Canada compares with other countries when it comes to supporting the full development of every child.

If Canadian officials take today’s questions seriously, changes will be made in Ottawa and across the country.  When they make decisions that affect children,  the best interests of the child will be the priority.

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