Path to Progress for Children: Recommendations for Canada

The Concluding Observations from the third review of children’s rights in Canada include recommendations for action that would greatly improve conditions for children in Canada.  The CCRC will be pursuing implementation of these recommendations.  Watch for a user-friendly summary and more detailed analysis in the days ahead.

One reaction to evidence that some children in Canada are not doing well is to point to countries where conditions are worse and pat ourselves on the back for how good Canada is.  A more useful response is to focus on improvments that could remove barriers that prevent some children from realizing their full potential.

One advantage of the Convention is that countries commit to make progress toward full realization of its provisions, rather than deflect attention from issues that need attention by pointing to the worst conditions in the world.   It is also true that countries more similar to Canada are doing better than Canada in many areas.  Most importantly, children in Canada would benefit from a clear focus on implementing these recommendations.

For recommendations relating to all rights under the Convention: Canada_CRC Concluding Observations_61.2012.

For recommendations relating to the Optional Protocol on Sexual Exploitation: Canada_OPSC Concluding Observations_61.2012

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