La réintégration d'Omar Khadr au centre des préoccupations

Now that Omar Khadr is back in Canada, a reintegration plan should be the top priority.  The first step is a full assessment of health and education needs, working with him to develop a plan that will allow him to develop his skills, and then implementing it.

Canada was the first country to ratify the Optional Protocol on Children and Armed Conflict in 2000.  Under this agreement states agreed to prevent the involvement of children in armed conflict.  When children have become involved. states agreed to remove them, find a home for them, and help them reintegrate into society.

There are good practices for the reintegration of children who have been involved in wars.  Some have become leaders in their societies. Sometimes the damage requires a lot time to heal.  Canada should do for this one person what many countries do for thousands of children whose stories are similar, but they do not make the headlines.

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