An update on ending corporal punishment in Canada: let’s make this happen!

As many of you know, the CCRC has long been an advocate for repealing section 43 of the criminal code, which would eliminate corporal punishment in Canada. We’ve been thrilled to see the two bills introduced in Parliament this year about ending corporal punishment.

We wanted to reach out to all of you and ask you to support both bills, and other advocacy efforts to end corporal punishment. As a reminder, the two bills are: Bill S-251 (introduced by Senator Stan Kutcher) and Bill C-273 (introduced by NDP MP Peter Julian). And this is also consistent with the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, specifically, Call to Action #6.

The issue has once again been in the news because of a situation that has affected Canadian children in 2022 – this is not a historical issue. Read further to see what has been happening in the Yukon.

Here are some ideas! Thanks to Senator Kutcher’s team for these ideas. Please feel free to tag them (and the CCRC!) in your social media advocacy.

How you can help:

  1. Get loud on social media. Share evidence-based information about the harms of corrective punishment, the importance of addressing the TRC Calls to Action and Canada’s obligation to protect children.
    1. Use these hashtags to increase consistency and visibility: #Repeal43 and #CallToAction6.

   i.      #BetterWays – ask parents, caregivers, teachers and other to share the non-violent #BetterWays to guide and discipline children.

  1. Consider writing op-eds or letters to the editor for newspapers and magazines. Political, religious (all religions), parenting, and teaching magazines could help reach target audiences.
  2. Write letters to Senators and MPs. Ask them to support Bill S-251, Bill C-273, and TRC #6 and publicly advocate for the repeal of Section 43.
  3. Submit a brief to the committee studying Bill S-251 when it reaches committee stage. Write about how corrective punishment has impacted you or your work and why repealing section 43 is important.

Links and resources to check out and share online:

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