Ending Violence Against Children: See what’s planned for April 30 by the Global End Violence Against Children Partnership

On 30 April, the International Day to #EndCorporalPunishment, join the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, and partners around the world to call for an end to violent punishment of children. 

Across the world, 4 in 5 children aged 2-14 are subjected to violent forms of punishment and discipline at the hands of parents, caregivers and teachers, making corporal punishment the most common form of violence against children – prevalent around the world and occurring in all settings, including in schools and at home. 

Governments have a critical role to play and partners large and small are coming together on 30 April for the International Day to #EndCorporal punishment to call for more urgent action to prohibit and eliminate corporal punishment. Enacting and implementing legal reform is key to ending corporal punishment – to send a message that corporal punishment is not acceptable and help shift attitudes and behaviour across society towards positive, non-violent caregiving.

End Violence is catalysing action towards the universal elimination of corporal punishment. Ahead of International Day to #EndCorporalPunishment, explore resources and tools to help combat the practice: 

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