Cours sur les droits de l'enfant à l'UBC

Check out this new children’s rights course at UBC:

Message from the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program. This coming Winter Term 1, the ISGP is offering an exciting new course, INDS 502F – Children’s Rights, which may be of interest.

Please see below for the course details and a brief description.

INDS 502F 001 (Winter Term 1): 3-credit Children’s Rights Instructors: Dr. Nancy Bell, Dr. Lauryn Oates

Mondays, 12:00 – 3:00pm, Web-based (online delivery)

Featuring Dr. Korczak’s legacy, this course introduces students to the foundations of children’s human rights by examining contexts within which those rights are situated. This course offers interdisciplinary graduate students an opportunity to advance their knowledge and identify research opportunities by exploring children’s human rights’ historical, socio-cultural, legal, and institutional contexts as well as Korczak’s enduring contributions to improving children’s lives.  The course proposes to critically examine relevant scholarly debates across disciplines, current issues, and implementation approaches, including those intended to remedy children’s human rights violations while considering ‘real world’ practices and child-centred, rights-based approaches to domestic and global issues across disciplines. Course content includes lectures, case study analysis, discussion, guest speakers, and diverse resources including scholars and practitioners, films, and readings. Students are encouraged to reflect upon children’s embeddedness within all aspects of society and how child-centred research, policy, and practice agendas, addressing critical societal issues, might take account of human rights and children’s everyday world intersections with the ultimate goal of improving children’s lives.

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