Child Rights Award

Review of Child Rights Award

The board of the Coalition is conducting a review of its Child Rights Award Program and will announce updated guidelines and timelines for nominations when the review is completed.

Purpose of the Award

The award recognizes individuals or groups who demonstrate exemplary efforts to respect the rights of children as described in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Recipients will receive a certificate, be honoured in an appropriate way, and be publicly recognized through the CCRC website and newsletter.

Awards will be given in four categories:

  1. Children’s Rights Champion: for work that makes an obvious difference in the lives of children and advances respect for their rights
  2. Children’s Rights Trailblazer: for original approaches that model rights-consistent activities
  3. Children’s Rights Supporter: for supporting efforts to promote children’s rights
  4. Article 12 Award: for a young person who exercises voice and participation for child

Who may receive an award?

Award recipients can be individuals, educational institutions, businesses, youth groups, or public agencies. Anyone may nominate a recipient by sending a nomination letter to the CCRC mailing address. Excluded from consideration are groups with an explicit mandate to promote the rights of children and CCRC board members. Criteria for selection are that the project/effort nominated be clearly linked with one or more of the rights in the Convention, be rights consistent in practice, and provide an example for others in the practice of respect for children’s rights.

How will winners be chosen?

A committee comprised of at least one board member and two other members of the Coalition, including young persons, will decide who shall be recommended for an award, and how many awards will be given in any year. The selection committee will be appointed annually by the Board of Directors.

 Address for Letters of Nomination:

Email: (preferred method)
Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children
c/o Justice for Children and Youth
55 University Avenue, 15th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2H7

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