Webinar on Pressing Issues in Children’s Rights in 2022

Join us on Nov. 3 at noon EST for a panel on pressing issues in children’s rights.

We will hear from experts in comprehensive sexuality education, a campaign to lower the voting age, and a leader in poverty elimination strategies.

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Insiya Mankani is the Public Affairs Officer at Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights where she helps to advance the domestic sexual and reproductive health policy landscape by collaborating with parliamentarians and partner organizations. Prior to Action Canada, Insiya worked at Human Rights Watch as the Senior Advocacy and Development Coordinator. She is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Leila Sarangi is the Director of Social Action at Family Service Toronto and the National Director of Campaign 2000, a pan-Canadian movement working to end child and family poverty. With over 20 years of front line, research and policy experience, Leila has learned that the people experiencing systemic marginalization can be the furthest away from decision making. Her professional experience demonstrates commitment to connecting lived reality with public policy, advocating with and engaging people in a meaningful way to inform policy and legislative changes.

Dave Meslin is Toronto-based, co-founded Spacing Magazine and then created the WhoRunsThisTown project in 2006. Later, he founded the Toronto Cyclists Union as well as started started another magazine — Dandyhorse Magazine. Recent projects include curating the Fourth Wall exhibit, which reflects on issues of local politics in Toronto. Meslin is currently a community organizer, promoting his thoughts on political change, cycling reform, and public space issues through his blog. He has written a book called ‘Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto.’ As an active member of the political community in Toronto, the speeches by Dave Meslin spark passionate dialogue about changing social norms and becoming more action-focused as members of a thriving city.

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