Article sur les CCRC : Et les enfants de moins de 12 ans ? L'importance de donner la priorité aux jeunes enfants et d'écouter leur point de vue lors de la levée des restrictions Covid

Much of the public focus around COVID-19 vulnerability has been placed on seniors in our communities, and rightfully so. Thankfully, many of the oldest members of communities across Canada have started to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, and in some cases are now fully vaccinated. As more of the population is vaccinated, talk has turned to reopening. People are looking forward to reconnecting with friends, family, and neighbours. Communities want to support local businesses by shopping in person and people want to attend social gatherings. Children and adolescents want to be able to attend school safely. “Reopening” is a complex and multi-faceted discussion, however, and it is important that the voices of younger children (those under 12) are not lost or ignored.

Check our feature article by board member Robyn Aaron on prioritizing young children during the reopening process.

CCRC Feature on children under 12 in COVID reopening

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