3rd Annual Children’s Rights Writing Competition Winning Entries

Check out the winning entries from this year’s competition:

Ages 7-10:

1. Cece J. (London, ON): To All the Children in the World

2. Vera B. (Montreal, QB): Poeme Des Enfants

Poeme des enfants

3. Lucas W. (Vancouver, BC): We Stand As Equals

We Stand As Equals

Ages 11-14:

1. Leewoo B. (Vancouver, BC): The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill

2. Sarah C. (Montreal, QB): Listen to Us

Listen to Us

Ages 15-17:

2. Jay L. (Chateuaguay, QB)

I am not a failure

Group category:

Junior: Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School (North Vancouver, BC): Poems:

CCRC writing competition winner from group competition

Senior: Featherstone Drive School (Ottawa, ON): Rights of Children Podcast