Voting Age: Consultation and Court Challenge

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children is joining with other organizations to explore launching a court challenge to age 18 as the minimum age for voting in Canada.  The project has two prongs:  consultation with young people to discuss the issues and hear their views; and research to compile and assess the evidence and related legal arguments.   The news release outlines plans for the consultation and preliminary considerations, including the experience of other countries who have lowered the age of voting.

Young people who are interested in being part of the consultation are invited to contact the Asper Center for more information. See end of news release for contact information.

This project responds to a growing number of questions about the voting age and the right of young people to have their views considered under Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  It is also another step in a long-standing call by the Coalition to review the many different minimum ages in Canadian law and public policy for consistency with the basic principle of respect for the evolving capacity of young people.  An earlier CCRC Discussion paper on the Evolving Capacities of Children outlines basic principles for consideration in all age-based public policies.


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