Children’s rights in Canada are under review.  The official report, due in July, is now four months late.  Children’s rights are important.  You can help ensure the review is taken seriously.

You can use the review process to make progress for your issues.  Read more about it and consider what you can do.

Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada would benefit the children you serve and all other children across the country.  Canada is undergoing its 5th/6th review right now.  Implementation is weak and recommendations from previous reviews have not been implemented. We can do better.

Children in comparable countries where the Convention is implemented fare better than children in Canada. Children will benefit if we do better.

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) works for the full realization of children’s rights in Canada. We do that by bringing together groups and individuals to advocate for children’s rights.

What are the issues?  Find rights-based analysis and share your work under the following themes:

  • Children’s Rights in Canada: Basic principles, good governance for children
  • Child Development: Early childhood, education, health,
  • Protecting Children from Harm: Violence against children, exploitation
  • Vulnerable Children: Child welfare, indigenous children, refugees, children with disabilities

What can you do?   Use the review to advance your goals in the next year by:

  • Share evidence you have about the situation of children in Canada. The CCRC will help you relate your evidence to the review of how Canada implements children’s rights.
  • Children can have input through a survey now and new questions later this fall
  • Consider making a report or being part of the CCRC report; learn more about the process

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