CCRC Membership Drive: 2023!

This is our annual membership drive! Please read the letter below and consider becoming a member. Your membership fee supports our volunteer-run coalition to do important work for children’s rights.

Dear Supporter of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children,

Thank you for your continuing support of children’s rights through your work, and through your support for the work of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (

This letter is a request to renew your membership in the CCRC for this year (2023), or to ask you to consider becoming a member for the 2023 year.

Thanks to your support last year, we were able to make some significant progress in 2022. We participated in the UN Review of Canada in a number of ways: we worked with government to conduct a 10 month youth engagement project where young people had the chance to talk about various rights violations they faced; we coordinated with other civil society actors in order to ensure the Committee heard what we see as the most important issues facing children; and we met with policy-makers and elected officials to share ideas about how to move forward on the recommendations. We also had a successful 2nd Annual Children’s Writing Competition where our entries tripled compared to the year before, and the winners presented their pieces at our AGM. We worked alongside allies to end corporal punishment in Canada, and are heartened by the current bills before the House of Commons – although there is still much work to do! Other issues we worked on included advocating for childcare, lowering the voting age, and a national commissioner and/or strategy to better allow children in Canada to realize their rights.

As you can see, we are excited and ready for another year of advocating for children and their rights! Your 2023 membership fee will be used to:

  • advocate for a UN review process that is productive for children in Canada and contribute to making the Concluding Observations a reality;
  • conduct a series of webinars, including on Indigenous childrens’ rights, ending violence against children, and housing rights;
  • Engage in child rights education work both with young people and adults. 

Overall, we continue to be active in advocacy, monitoring, and accountability for children’s rights in Canada.

To complete your membership renewal, please go to our Canada Helps page: or check out other ways to support us (

Individual memberships: $50

Student memberships: $10

Small orgs (under 20 people): $100

Large orgs: (20+): $300

We value working with you in these projects, and we appreciate your active membership and support for the work of the Coalition. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter:

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you in advance for considering supporting the CCRC this year!

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