CCRC Chair: Year End Reflections

Dear CCRC Members and Supporters,

As 2021 draws to a close, I want to reach out an say thank you, as always, for your support of the Coalition. It is a pleasure to work with so many passionate advocates for children’s rights.

This year, we worked alongside allies to make some significant progress in children’s rights, at a time when young people have often born the brunt of pandemic restrictions. We have found ways to insert children’s rights into public discussions around COVID-19, where they are relevant but often ignored. As the pandemic enters year 3, we continue to see ways that children’s rights need to be realized by duty-bearers in the public sphere, and by responsibly-bearers in the community, school settings, social services, and the home.

Here are some highlights from the CCRC’s year:

  • We continued to host webinars on a range of topics from Ending Violence Against Children to teaching anti-racism to experiences of children during COVID-19.
  • We also ran our first Children’s Rights Writing Competition. Check out the winners here. Our second annual competition is now under way so we hope you will send to children and youth in your lives! Here is the information about the topic and how to participate.
  • In addition to on-going advocacy on national issues that affect children, such as the Children’s Commissioner, and universal childcare, the CCRC made sure children’s rights were considered in discussions around climate change, a voting age challenge, and joined a global network to End Violence Against Children.
  • Building on the numerous alternative reports submitted from Canada for the 5th/6th review of children’s rights, in addition to the umbrella CCRC report, entitled, “Close the Gaps: Implement Children’s Rights in Canada“, the CCRC also continued to participate in the Review process, engaging with government and NGO allies about how to make this Review productive.  These reports, which are posted on the CCRC website, are a source of useful information about a range of children’s issues.

We look forward to continuing to work together in 2022. Please be in touch if you have ideas about how you want to connect with us:


Kate Butler

CCRC Chair

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