Children’s Rights in Canada: Research Reports

Research Reports on Specific Themes

The following research reports  provide more details on specific themes in the consolidated report.  Some are working documents; they may be updated by CCRC as needed.   Note:  Due to limited resources, the research reports are only available in English.

General Measures:  tools to implement all rights for all children.  For additional information see a research report prepared by UNICEF:  Not There Yet – Canada’s Implementation of General Measures for Children’s Rights.

 Violence against Children:  For a more detailed analysis of violence in the family, schools, community and sport: Working-Document-Violence-Against-Children-Research-Report-update-Sept-2011.  

Sexual Exploitation: Canada submitted its first report on implementation of the Optional Protocol on Sexual Exploitation (OPSC) in 2009:  canadas-first-report-on-op-sec.  CCRC did a community-based analysis of the situation in Canada:working-document-sexual-exploitation-research-reportCCRC OPSC research report

 Healthy Conditions and Health Care: Research reports on children’s health by government officials, academics, and NGOs point in the same direction.  Below are reports used in the CCRC analysis:

Workplace Exploitation: Research report on  conditions of work and safety for young people: working-document-workplace-exploitation-research-report.

Education: This analysis of the right to education addresses access to education, quality of education under article 29 of the Convention, and teaching children about their rights: working-document-on-right-to-education-research-report.

Awareness of Children’s Rights:  For guidelines on youth participation in monitoring children’s rights, go to: Guidelines_for_Child_Participation_in_CRC_Reporting

Youth  Justice System: This research report addresses children’s rights in the justice system. It pays particular attention to changes proposed at the time of writing: working-document-youth-justice-research-report.

See also CCRC commentary on Bill C-10:Young-People-and-Bill-C-10-CCRC-Statement

 Right to Play: This is the first  detailed research report on implementation of the right to play in Canada, using article 31: working-document-on-right-to-play-background-research.

Early Childhood: the CCRC report draws on a number of detailed research reports:

Right to Family and Culture: This research focuses on  children who leave the child welfare without having support from a secure, long-term, supportive family, and what needs to change for them to realize their rights:working-document-right-to-family-and-culture-research.

Children with Disabilities: Canada recently signed a new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  This research address rights under both conventions: children-with-disabilities-research-document.

Aboriginal Children: Canada’s Auditor General has named the living conditions of aboriginal children as a top priority for attention.  So have others.  Read a summary of the issues and proposed actions:Aboriginal-Children-Working-Document.