August 19, 2021

Federal election is underway

After much anticipation, a federal election is now underway in Canada. Children are not allowed to vote but they will be affected by the results of the election. Everyone can speak up to ensure that children’s policies are part of the public discussion this fall.

In many ways, this election is timely because Canada is currently undergoing the 5th/6th Review by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. In addition, this is the 30th anniversary of the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Children in Canada. Children fare better in countries where the Convention is implemented, and where these reviews are productive. Canada lags behind other countries in many areas of children’s rights.

Some issues that the CCRC will be following during the campaign include:
- The implementation of the TRC Calls to Action, specifically those related to child welfare, corporal punishment, and education. These are all rooted in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The MMIWG report specifically calls for these to be implemented now.
- Equitable access to affordable early childhood programs and care: Early childhood is a critical. period for developing the full potential of children, which should be at the center of public policy. Canada spends less on early childhood than other countries. Investing in equitable access to high quality child development programs during the early years will benefit families, communities, and Canada’s economy.
- Early Voting Age: Section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is clear that all Canadian citizens are allowed to vote; however, the Canada Elections Act only permits citizens 18 and over the right to vote. The CCRC, alongside JFCY and the Asper Centre and others, is working with child rights organizations and young people to argue that the minimum age requirement is unconstitutional.

Today we launch a page on our website devoted to the federal election. We will post information from partners, members, and supporters about what they hope to see in this campaign as they related to children's rights. We will also be highlighting other issues that we see as particularly important for all children to realize their rights such as ending violence against children, climate change and more.

Be in touch if you have anything for us to highlight at news@rightsofchildren.ca.

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Blog post: The Phoenix consultation - reflection on child rights and the environment

Joint Statement on Physical Punishment of Children and Youth

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Joint Statement on Physical Punishment of Children and Youth
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