May 12, 2021

Hello CCRC subscribers,

We hope that the spring is treating you well.

As you may have seen, our last few newsletters have featured commentary on the right to education, and the effects of the pandemic. We will continue to highlight how the pandemic has exacerbated violations of children's rights in Canada.

We also continue to work to end violence against children in Canada. We have been highlighting the Public Health Agency of Canada's webinars, and have also hosted one of our own. See below for the recording of it. We will have another webinar at the end of June where we will explore some paths forward for Canada and how civil society can get involved.

We are always looking for ways we can support our members, so please drop us a line if you would like to be in touch.

Take care,

Kate Butler
CCRC Chair

Join us in working to end corporal punishment in Canada

We are pleased to announce that we are starting a listserve as a way to work together on ending corporal punishment in Canada. And don't forget to check out this webinar by Dr. Joan Durrant & Dr. Valerie Michaleson on April 29, 2021 Canada's Children Deserve Protection from Violence: A Call to Action.

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Join us in working to end corporal punishment in Canada

Webinar on COVID-19 and Children's rights: an Ethical Analysis

Join us for a webinar on Impacts of COVID-19 and children's rights on May 13th at 12pm EST with Dr. Franco Carnevale & Sidney Campbell

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Recruiting board members for the CCRC!

Want to make a greater impact in the lives of children in Canada? CCRC is recruiting new board members! Join us! Interested in joining the CCRC Board of Directors? We are currently recruiting for new board members.

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Recruiting board members for the CCRC!
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