Review of Children’s Rights in Canada

What should be in Canada’s report in July?  The CCRC is Raising the Bar for Canada’s Report by naming five key themes and expectations for strong action to meet reasonable goals.  The five themes are:

  • The right of children to know their rights
  • The right to be heard and participate
  • The right to be grow up free from violence
  • The right to be free from poverty
  • The right to equitable services

Read what Canada was asked to do in previous reviews and what we hope to see in the next report.   Share with others to help raise the bar for children’s rights in Canada.

Be Part of the 2018 – 2020 Review of Children’s Rights in Canada: Learn more about the review process, how you can be part of it, and how the CCRC can help you.

Informing Children about their Rights:  Canada was asked to use provincial curricula and government websites to ensure that children know their rights.  This discussion paper reports on progress and makes suggestions for action now and inclusion in the next review.

Summary of Progress: Check this overview of progress on the recommendations from the 2012 review, as of November, 2016.

Progress in Workplace Rights for Young People:  The CCRC has done a Fact sheet and a  Working Paper  on progress in this issue.

2012 Report, Recommendations, and Related Research Reports:  Check what the CCRC said in 2012, what Canada’s official report said, and what recommendations Canada received on our Monitoring Page.

To share information you have, or ask questions about  CCRC plans for the 2018 Review, send a message to