Issues, Briefs, and Reports on Child Rights

Children’s Rights Can Make Canada Work Better for Young People

This discussion paper addresses the challenges of implementing children’s rights in Canada’s federal system of government.  It turns around the common perception that federalism prevents  implementation to illustrate how greater attention to children’s rights could improve how federalism works.  Children’s Rights Can Make Canada Work Better for Young People

Best Interests of the Child

In 2009 the Coalition hosted a symposium to explore the meaning and application of the Best Interests of the Child, a central principle in the Convention.  The report identifies key questions and makes recommendations for a wide range of areas where the Best Interest principle applies. 

Report: BIC Report ENG Web ; BIC Report FRE Web

News Release on BIC Report:  News Release for BIC Report

Child Rights Impact Assessments

In 2013 the CCRC sponsored a symposium on the use of Child Rights Impact Assessments (CRIA) to improve public decision-making  that affects children.   The CCRC continues to research and apply the learnings of this symposium, along with international colleagues.

Report after Symposium:report_from_cria_symposium_may2013_canada

Discussion Paper before Symposium: child_rights_impact_assessment_discussion_paper

General Measures for Implementation of Children’s Rights:  Not-There-Yet-Canadas-implementation-of-CRC-general-measures-UNICEF

Child Participation in Reporting on Children’s RightsGuidelines_for_Child_Participation_in_CRC_Reporting