Children’s Rights Monitoring

How are we doing in Canada?

In 2012 the CCRC released a strategic analysis of children’s rights in Canada. It was widely used in Canada and submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child for Canada’s Third/Fourth Review.
Full report: CCRC-report-on-rights-of-children-in-CanadaCCRC-Mise-en-oeuvre-de-la-Convention-relative-aux-droits-de-lenfant
Key points: Key Points about the CCRC Alternative Report

Report in Sections for Download:

Recommendations to Canada from UN Committee:

10 Steps in Response to the Recommendations
The CCRC proposed 10 Steps that could be taken in Canada. We continue to promote these reasonable measures to advance children’s rights in Canada: 10 Steps for Children in Canada

2016: Progress on the Recommendations

A fact sheet samples improvements made, actions underway, and areas needing attention before the next review.  2016 is the 25th Anniversary of Canada’s ratification of the Convention, but implementation remains a challenge. ccrc-25th-anniversary-of-ratification-flyer

Sexual Exploitation of Children

The first review of Canada under the Optional Protocol on Sexual Exploitation was also done in 2012.

Recommendations to Canada after review: Canada_OPSC Concluding Observations_61.2012

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention addresses all aspects of a child’s life.  It supports  full development of the potential of each child: The Convention of the Rights of the Child

Child-friendly copy of the Convention: CRC Poster_EN;CRC Poster_FR

Research Reports on Specific Themes in the Report

Detailed research reports prepared for the review are available: