Child Development: Early Childhood, Education, Health

On this page you will find research reports related to the review of how Canada is implementing the broad range of Articles in the Convention that relate to child development.

Right to Education:  More than the Right to Go to School:

This discussion paper focuses specifically on what has been done to ensure that all children learn about their rights. Canada was asked to use school curricula and government websites to make progress on Article 29 and 42, because a majority of children in Canada still report that they were never taught about their rights.  It looks at how children’s rights are taught in provincial curricula and whether government websites inform children about their rights.

The CCRC hopes that the 5th/6th report will include significant steps to improve the implementation of the recommendations in the last review and achieve targets for raising awareness within five years.

Children’s Right to Know Their Rights and Curriculum Reform in Ontario:

The CCRC continues to put a high priority on the right of every child in Canada to learn about their rights.  During the last review, provincial curricula were identified as one of the means to implement this core element of the Convention.  Articles 29 and 42 more specifically outline the duties of governments to ensure that all children learn about their  rights and respect for the rights of others.  The current curriculum reform in Ontario is an opportunity to make progress toward implementation of recommendations in the last review, as Canada undergoes another round  of review.   A CCRC submission highlights the importance of learning about children’s rights and the duties of provincial governments in education.  It also addresses the relationship between children’s rights and parental rights in education, another theme common to other provinces as well as Ontario.  The CCRC hopes other provinces will include plans to implement this right in the upcoming official report for the next review of children’s rights in Canada.