Children’s Rights In Canada: Review to bring change in Canada

The Coalition thanks members and allies who contributed to alternative reports for the process of reviewing implementation of children’s rights in Canada.

The official process of review by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is affected by Covid-19.  We are monitoring the process and waiting for updated schedule.

In the meantime, we are engaged with relevant government officials in Canada to get action on the many recommendations in the excellent alternative reports.  Change needs to come in Canada.

Covid-19 shifts attention to emergency response. It also reinforces the need for systemic change in Canada.  The most vulnerable children were vulnerable before the coronavirus came to Canada.  Education reform to fulfill children’s rights to and within education systems, necessary before Covid-19, may happen as a result of the disruption.  Covid-19 makes the recommendations in the alternative reports even more important.  We cannot let Covid-19 be used as an excuse for government inaction on the recommendations that were made during the first stage of the review process.

Copies of the CCRC report and other reports sent to us by others are available here.  They provide helpful suggestions for moving from Covid-19 to long-term children’s policies at both federal and provincial levels of government.

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