Children’s Rights In Canada: Review to bring change in Canada

The review of how Canada implements the Convention on the Rights of the Child is moving forward, after delays because of Canada’s late report and then Covid-19.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has established a taskforce to lead on the review of Canada and held pre-session consultations with some young people and civil society and stakeholder groups in Canada.  They are examining a wide range of matters relating to previous recommendations,  gaps in the systems for implementation, and specific concerns.    Their next step will be a list of issues sent to Canada to answer.   Canada will file its answers.  Civil society members can also provide additional evidence to inform the review.  Canada’s official appearance before the committee is now scheduled for September, 2021.

Watch this space for information when the List of Issues is released.  That will be a public document.  The CCRC  will be actively using the next stage of the process to encourage more discussion and dialogue in Canada on those issues, in order to get the much needed changes within Canada.

Copies of the CCRC report and other reports sent to us by others are available here.  They provide useful information about all aspects of children’s rights in Canada and suggestions for improving conditions for children to realize their rights in Canada.

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