Vulnerable Children

Too Many Children Wait for Adoption

September 24, 2012

Is it acceptable that Canada has a lower rate of domestic adoptions than comparable countries? Finding permanent family-like care for children who cannot stay with their birth families should be a top priority.  All children deserve to grow up with the love and support of a permanent family, whether a birth or adoptive family. Canada […]

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Appeal to Senate to Keep Youth Out of Jails

January 12, 2012

Proposed changes to the youth justice system, part of the omnibus crime bill, will mean more young people go to jail, where they are more likely to learn about crime than about how to be rights-respecting, law-abiding citizens. These changes violate the Convention. The Convention makes sense. Bill C-10 needs to be changed.

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Polygamy ruling advances children’s rights

November 23, 2011

The BC Supreme Court upheld the prohibition against polygamy to prevent harm against women and children.  The ruling gives high priority to  children’s right to protection from harm.  It  reinforces the positive obligations of the state to prevent violations of children’s rights.  And it establishes a strong link between children’s rights under the Charter and the Convention on the […]

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