Vulnerable Children

Education for All Children in Canada

Is it acceptable that some children in Canada cannot go to school, while most children do?

Most children in Canada can go to school, but some Aboriginal children can not.   The Auditor General did an investigation and showed that less money is spent on education for First Nations children than for comparable non-Aboriginal children.

The government has promised to do something about this.  Will it be enough?

On September 26 the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child will ask the government what it has done.  For more analysis, see the chapter on Aboriginal children in this section of the CCRC report: Paying Attention to Vulnerable Children; Accorder une attention particulière aux enfants vulnérables

Too Many Children Wait for Adoption

Is it acceptable that Canada has a lower rate of domestic adoptions than comparable countries?

Finding permanent family-like care for children who cannot stay with their birth families should be a top priority.  All children deserve to grow up with the love and support of a permanent family, whether a birth or adoptive family.

Canada has a high rate of international adoption, indicating there are families willing to adopt children.

Countries that have a national adoption strategy with permanency as a high priority have a better rate of finding homes for children than the fragmented systems in Canada.  

 This can be fixed in Canada.  Children who cannot stay with their birth families deserve better.  Everyone benefits from good solutions for children in need. 

For more analysis see last chapter in this section of CCRC report: Enabling Children’s Full Development; Assurer le plein développement des enfants

Appeal to Senate to Keep Youth Out of Jails

Proposed changes to the youth criminal justice system will be reviewed by the Senate in February.  They are part of Bill C-10, the omnibus crime bill.  The CCRC is appealing to Senators to take a close look at the proposed changes for youth justice.  In 2007 the Senate unanimously – all parties – adopted a major report on the rights of children. It said Canada needs to do better for our children.  Bill C-10 will put more young people in jail rather than learning to be rights-respecting Canadians. It contradicts rather than advances the well-being and rights of children in Canada.  Hopefully the Senate will stand up for our young people.  For a copy of CCRC submission to Senate: Bill C-10 – CCRC Submission to Senate

Polygamy ruling advances children’s rights

The BC Supreme Court upheld the prohibition against polygamy to prevent harm against women and children.  The ruling gives high priority to  children’s right to protection from harm.  It  reinforces the positive obligations of the state to prevent violations of children’s rights.  And it establishes a strong link between children’s rights under the Charter and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The ruling gave significant weight to the evidence and arguments put forward by the CCRC/David Asper Center during the hearing.  It strengthens recognition of children’s rights in Canadian jurisprudence.  For detailed statement: Statement on Polygamy Ruling