Every Child Counts

Canada needs to develop the potential of every child, rather than letting some fall through cracks in a fragmented social support system. That is the central message in a new comprehensive report on children’s rights in Canada.  Check out a news release, key points, and the full report on the front page at

Bill C-10 and Young People

In the middle of Bill C-10 are major changes for the youth justice system.  The youth justice system needs to be different than the adult system.  The CCRC proposes that Part IV of Bill C-10, the section that deals with youth justice, be extracted from the omnibus crime bill, for a full public debate of four major questions it raises about youth justice in Canada.  Read and share the CCRC statement: Young People and Bill C-10 – CCRC Statement. For the CCRC submission on the earlier Bill C-4 on youth justice, see:CCRC_submission_on_Bill_C-4_final, and in French: CCRC_Submission_on_Bill_C-4__-_French_translation

Children in the 2011 Throne Speech and Budget

This analysis of the Throne Speech and Budget focuses on longer-term issues for children. Support for families is positive; how that support is delivered over the coming years will make a big difference for children and for Canadian society. Giving priority to children in program review is important for next year’s budget.  Immediate attention is needed for Aboriginal education and child welfare.  For details: ccrc-throne-speech-and-budget-analysis-2011

First Call for Children in Budget & Program Review

The CCRC proposes that the First Call for Children principle be applied in the upcoming program review and budget cuts to reduce the deficit.  A letter to the Prime Minister also proposes the use of child impact assessments before the adoption of new policies that affect children.  Read letter: letter-to-pm-on-first-call-for-children.

Omar Khadr: Best Interests of the Child Key to Court Decision

A small phrase in the Supreme Court Decision on Omar Khadr is key for an appropriate reponse by the government. It is the principle of the Best Interests of the Child.  Read CCRC commentary: omar-khadr-decision-commentary