Protecting Children

Bill C-10: Will the Senate protect childrens’ rights?

Bill C-10, the omnibus crime bill, violates children’s rights.  Proposed amendments in the House of Commons were rejected by the governing party.  Now the bill goes to the Senate.  In recent years the Senate has endorsed several reports in support of children’s rights.  The CCRC is asking Senators to consider how Bill C-10 fulfills or violates the rights of children before passing it.  Canada’s children need someone to stand up for their rights in parliament.

Polygamy ruling advances children’s rights

The BC Supreme Court upheld the prohibition against polygamy to prevent harm against women and children.  The ruling gives high priority to  children’s right to protection from harm.  It  reinforces the positive obligations of the state to prevent violations of children’s rights.  And it establishes a strong link between children’s rights under the Charter and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The ruling gave significant weight to the evidence and arguments put forward by the CCRC/David Asper Center during the hearing.  It strengthens recognition of children’s rights in Canadian jurisprudence.  For detailed statement: Statement on Polygamy Ruling